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Pet care services divide into veterinary vs. non-medical. Veterinary services, in turn, break out into services for livestock animals vs. services for companion pets. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates the U.S. veterinary services market for pets at over $15 billion in 2014.

Non-medical services, which focus on pets, include bathing and grooming, pet sitting or boarding, obedience training, and pet health insurance, along with pampering options such as pet spas and resorts, in keeping with the humanization and premiumization trends that are driving pet market growth in pet care services as well as pet supplies. Packaged Facts estimates the U.S. market for non-medical pet services—the fastest-growing sector of a robust pet industry—at over $7 billion.

The industry-wide pet care services trend is toward multiservice facilities, with a significant degree of overlap between the various kinds of service providers and service channels. This trend is notably evident in pet superstore chains offering adoption, veterinary, grooming, training, and boarding services alongside packaged pet food and non-food supplies.

Even as pet services are integrated into big-box chain retail formats, the range of pet care services continues to expand and diversify, a trend fueled by high-energy entrepreneurs and franchise outfits with national aspirations, tapping into such fertile areas as mobile grooming, pet travel services, pet waste removal, and funerary/bereavement services. offers an extensive collection of research reports on pet services from market-leading and boutique publishers including Canadean, Euromonitor International, Global Research & Data Services, Packaged Facts, Plimsoll, and ResearchFarm. Whether you are looking for market quantification and projections or analysis of industry drivers, growth sectors, and segment trends, you’ll find the competitive intelligence you need to strategize successfully in this sector of the pet care industry. 

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Pet Care Services Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Anivite SA in Pet Care (Portugal)

    ...Belcando and Ferplast. The company continues to develop its own brands Eco-Vita and Bribon and it attempted to reintroduce Bribon onto the shelves of the Sonae grocery retailers chain after being delisted in 2015. Euromonitor ... Read More

  • Pet City SA in Pet Care (Greece)

    ...time the company plans to continue investing in its e-shop in order to expand its clientele beyond the Attica region where its outlets are located. Euromonitor International Local Company Profiles are a concise set of ... Read More

  • Bali Pet Shop PT in Pet Care (Indonesia)

    ...unlikely to reach other regions even in the long term. The retailer is expected to still focus on and lead in offering all-natural ingredients products, falling in the premium priced band, riding the health and ... Read More

  • Chrisco A/S in Pet Care (Denmark) likely to continue. Chrisco launched an internet retailing site over the review period. The ongoing development and growth of this site will also form part of the company’s strategic direction going forward. Euromonitor International ... Read More

  • Dibaq as in Pet Care (Czech Republic) and channels in an effort to increase its value sales over the forecast period. Euromonitor International Local Company Profiles are a concise set of briefings detailing the strategic direction taken by a company. Discover ... Read More

  • Vitakraft-Werke Wührmann & Sohn GmbH & Co KG in Pet Care (Germany)

    ...products under consideration of the latest scientific findings and in close relation to current consumer trends remains one of the key factors for the company’s strong position in Germany. High levels of expertise achieved through ... Read More

  • Pet Care in the Czech Republic

    ...rate for eight years. However, while disposable incomes began to rise for many people, there were considerable disparities, especially at the regional level. For many consumers, price remained the determining factor when considering the purchase ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Germany the course of 2016 and the following years. Pets are often kept as valued companions, or even as part of the family. In many cases they contribute to a more harmonious and balanced life, ... Read More

  • Perfect Companion (M) Sdn Bhd in Pet Care (Malaysia)

    ...its pet research centre and ensure its products meet pet care standards. Euromonitor International Local Company Profiles are a concise set of briefings detailing the strategic direction taken by a company. Discover key contact details, ... Read More

  • E-Mart Co Ltd in Pet Care (South Korea)

    ...private label pet care portfolio, which already includes dog food, cat food, dog treats and cat litter products. Most of these products have a low- to mid-price positioning, though it also offers premium private label ... Read More

  • Pet Care in the United Kingdom

    ...hold companies back from investing and dented consumer confidence. However, the pet care market enjoyed solid growth throughout the review period, despite ongoing financial constraints in the aftermath of the economic downturn. Growth was fuelled ... Read More

  • Pet Land Sarl in Pet Care (Morocco)

    ...Petland Maroc, which owns all of these stores, also aims to provide a very diverse portfolio of products in all price platforms and for different pets, in order to be labelled as the leading distributor/seller ... Read More

  • Agroindustrias Baires SA in Pet Care (Argentina)

    ...of the company is entering and positioning itself within the new trend of gourmet products, launching new products under its flagship brand Gourmet Kongo presented in 2015. Euromonitor International Local Company Profiles are a concise ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Greece

    ...a further decline in 2016. However, this is expected to be at a slighter slower pace in comparison to 2015. Similar trends are expected to be evidenced, with pet owners remaining highly conservative with their ... Read More

  • Indian Broiler Group in Pet Care (India)

    ...and development, and has modern automated production processes to offer a wide range of animal nutrition products and services. The company is focusing on the promising pet care sector, diversifying into cat food, dog food ... Read More

  • Karlie Flamingo GmbH in Pet Care (Germany)

    ...This will include the launch of various new products under its own brands, as well as store-specific brands of its main customers and partners. Innovation and consumer orientation naturally remain key focus areas for product ... Read More

  • Kingsmoor A/S in Pet Care (Denmark)

    ...of premium priced dog and cat food with an emphasis on health and wellness concerns. This will continue to define and shape the company’s strategic direction going forward. Euromonitor International Local Company Profiles are a ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Hong Kong, China

    ...tailored for humans such as herb supplements and clothing are gaining popularity among pet products. The projection of humans’ idea of quality onto their pets is noteworthy in the slew of new product developments and ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Hungary

    ...size of the pet population, rising health awareness of pet owners and from improving economic conditions. Other pet products is expected to remain as the biggest type since pet accessories are relatively more expensive than ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Indonesia

    ...both middle-income consumers and social media users. Pictures of well-groomed pets and their activities drive demand for pet grooming products and services in 2016. Euromonitor International's Pet Products in Indonesia report offers a comprehensive guide ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Malaysia

    ...price-sensitive and switch to economy brands or cheap product types, especially cat litter and “other” pet products. Furthermore, owners may purchase pet products only when offered during promotional or sales periods, via price discounts or ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Morocco

    ...owners are also increasingly seeking out different extras in order to offer a better life for their pets, like toys, necklaces, baskets, and cages. Moreover, pet grooming products are also seeing more demand, such as ... Read More

  • Pet Products in Portugal

    ...population, new developments in the category and the increasing concern of Portuguese pet owners with their pets’ health, comfort, hygiene and style are set to continue boosting sales in the category. Euromonitor International's Pet Products ... Read More

  • Pet Products in the Czech Republic

    ...The trend towards pet humanisation continued in 2015 with owners paying increasing attention to their pets’ wellbeing, seeking to provide the best care for them. The desire to provide the best products for their beloved ... Read More

  • Pet Care in Colombia

    ...decline of commodities’ prices (especially oil, which is Colombia’s main export) in international markets. The economic slowdown had a negative impact on the performance of pet care, which registered positive but slower growth in 2016 ... Read More

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