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Research Report on Top 50 Catering Enterprises in China, 2011-2012

65 Pages China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd. November 23, 2011 SKU: CRIC6687188

In 1978, the year before reform and opening up, China's catering outlets were less than 200,000, with about 1 million employees and a market scale below CNY 10 billion. Since the reform and opening up, the development of China’s tourism has accelerated the catering industry's development. In addition, since the reform and opening up, China's floating population was up to above 300 million, most of which are dining out, promoting the development of China's catering industry.

Since the reform and opening up, as a traditional service industry of the tertiary industry in China, the catering industry experienced four stages of the starting up, the scalar expansion, large scale chain development and brand strategy, achieving rapid development. In 2010, there were more than 4 million catering outlets in China, with more than 10 million employees in China. In 2010, the market size of China's catering industry was about CNY 1,764 billion, an increase of 18% YOY.

With the impact of the global financial crisis, Chinese catering enterprises are consolidating resources, and gradually widening the gap in the competition of enterprise development. With the development of Chinese catering industry, leading enterprises have dramatically increased their strength, while the profitability is still not high. due to the variety of internal and external competitive pressures and inflation pressure of China in recent years and the costs of Chinese catering industry is rising.

The North China, East China and Southwest regions which contain Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Chongqing, are the regions where the catering industry performs the best.

Among the catering industry, the fast food industry is the most profitable. Not only its operating margin and cost margin rank the head of all the catering industries but also the efficiency is above the excellent value level of the catering industry performance assessments. The profit margin of leisure catering exceeds that of the restaurants and the hot pot, only inferior to the fast food industry, showing great development potential.

Restaurants, western restaurants and hotel restaurants, as traditional restaurants, the performances remain remarkably stable over the past years.

Chain store operation is one of the management strategies of most China's leading catering companies, increasing the proportion of regular chains to be the development path of many chain restaurants.

The report selects the 50 leading companies of the Chinese catering industry as the research objects.

By reading this report, readers can get the following information:
  • Introduction of Chinese leading catering enterprises
  • The management of Chinese leading catering enterprises
  • The business characteristics of Chinese leading catering enterprises
The following persons are recommended to purchase this report:
  • Catering enterprises
  • Investors focus on catering industry
  • Research institutes focus on catering industry bodies
  • Raw materials providers of catering industry
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Research Report on Top 50 Catering Enterprises in China, 2011-2012

China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd.
November 23, 2011

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