China Market Survey of Powder Wood Activated Carbon

CCM International Limited
November 28, 2011
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Countries covered: China

China Market Survey of Powder Wood Activated Carbon


In the past 20 years, with fast development of forestry industry, China’s wood activated carbon industry has witnessed great development. The capacity and output of wood activated carbon also witness a quick increase. In 2009, China became the largest wood activated carbon producer in the world.

With the character of relatively low environmental pollution and low energy consumption, phosphoric acid activation method becomes more and more popular in China. Currently, most of new projects are built with phosphoric acid activation method. And powder wood activated carbon via phosphoric acid activation method (PWACP) is the main type of wood activated carbon in China.

Wood activated carbon is widely applied in many fields. The main consumption pattern of the granule activated carbon includes water treatment and chemical industry, while that of the extruded activated carbon covers automobile and chemical industry. And the main applications of PWACP are concentrated in sugar industry, fermentation industry, soft drinks and chemical industry. Recently, the overseas demand also increases quickly.

The production of wood activated carbon in the world is gradually transferring to China. With the foreign support in technology, the activated carbon producers in China not only produce PWACP, but also other wood activated carbon. To figure out the situation of other wood activated carbon in China, CCM International made further survey on the top 12 activated carbon producers and added the following aspects in the wood activated carbon report edition2:
  • Production situation of granule wood activated carbon (GWAC) and extruded wood activated carbon (EWAC) in China
  • Production processes of wood activated carbon in China
  • Technology condition of GWAC and EWAC in China
  • Consumption pattern of GWAC and EWAC in different end use segments in China
  • Detailed introductions of top 12 producers of wood activated carbon in China

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