AgriChina Investor 1211 (Table of Contents)

AgriChina Investor 1211

November 23, 2012
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China's net import volume of rice soars in 2012
China to vigorously promote biological crop protection technology
Ukraine allowed to export corn to China
John Deere launches its fourth agricultural machinery factory in China
Huaying Agricultural sees first quarterly loss in Q3 2012
Greentown China enters modern agriculture formally
Guangdong Sky Dragon invests one-million Rongchang pig farm in Chongqing
China's edible fungi industry develops quickly in past decade
Cotton planting in Xinjiang supported by harvesting machinery
Q3 financial reports of domestic listed pesticide enterprises
Sugar: market price downtrend to continue in 2012/2013
Opportunities in domestic potato processing industry
2003-2012: Central Government allocates USD963 billion to Three Agriculture Issues
China's pesticide output up 20% in Jan.-Sept. 2012
Zhengzhou Hualiang and CCB set up cooperation
Hainan starts tropical plant base project
CMBC offers USD802.5 million of loan to tea enterprises
China's import volume of soybean and edible oil increases fast
Luoyang Zhengda launches 1.5 million pigs per year slaughtering line
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