Managed Care and the Pharmaceutical Industry - Top Issues, Health Care Reform and the Inter-linkages Bringing them Together

CBR Pharma Insights, LLC
December 1, 2010
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Managed Care and the Pharmaceutical Industry - Top Issues, Health Care Reform and the Inter-linkages Bringing them Together

The managed care and the pharmaceutical industries have many conflicting goals. Managed care organizations are looking to reduce or - at the least - maintain drug costs, while pharmaceutical companies seek to increase the sale of their brand-name drugs. Common ground between the two industries can be difficult to find.

Shared goals do exist, though. Both the managed care industry and the pharmaceutical industry have a stake in how prescription drugs impact the cost and quality of health care. Both industries would like to see treatment persistence increase and, to this end, are continually investing in the research and development of disease management and medication compliance programs. Finally, both the managed care and the pharmaceutical drug industry are heavily influenced by the each other as well as other health care stakeholders, such as the Federal and state governments, health care providers and practitioners, and consumers.

This consultancy-style report provides an overview of the top issues in the managed care market and examines how the pharmaceutical industry, and other health care stakeholders, affect and are affected by the growth of managed care in the US market.

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  • Gain access to a fully sourced, executive assessment of the current state of the managed care industry
  • Benefit from CBR’s evaluation of the inter-linkages between the key components of the US health care environment
  • Understand the key issues facing managed care and where the pharmaceutical industry could support its relationship with its main health care partners moving forward
  • Assess what the future of managed care holds for the pharmaceutical industry and where opportunities may exist to support your company’s growth moving forward

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