Algeria Agribusiness Report - Q4 2014

Business Monitor International
August 20, 2014
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Countries covered: Algeria

Algeria Agribusiness Report - Q4 2014

BMI View: With wheat and dairy production consistently short of consumption, Algeria is a major importerof food products. However, the government's new emphasis on the improvement of food self-sufficiency ishelping the grains and dairy sectors to rebound. Increases in government support will be positive forproductivity and product quality in the medium term. However, the country will remain a key importer ofwheat and dairy products in the coming years. Algeria is increasingly expanding trading links withcountries such as Brazil and India, especially for dairy and beef products, and away from its traditionalsuppliers such as France.

Key Views

Wheat consumption growth to 2018: 12.3% to 10.6mn tonnes. Wheat consumption will bemainly supported by population growth.

Milk production growth to 2017/18: 14.4% to 3.9mn tonnes tonnes. Our projections are based on thegovernment's support for the sector and its plan to develop it by improving breeding methods as well asrestructuring and further privatising segments of the agriculture industry.

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