The Future of Content Delivery

The Future of Content Delivery

July 26, 2011
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This report examines the digital content delivery market in terms of video, music, gaming, and eBooks. It analyzes the prevailing trends and drivers in each of these content areas, and also by country. The report examines the content delivery strategies followed by key video, music, gaming, and eBooks companies, and profiles the leading vendors in the CDN and digital rights management segments.

Features and benefits
  • Analyze content delivery models across markets including TV and video, music, video gaming, and eBooks.
  • Highlight the challenges faced by companies in content delivery and gain insights into successful strategies to address those challenges.
  • Understand the content delivery vendor landscape with respect to product offerings, strategy and financial performance.
  • Analyze the emerging technologies and platforms in content delivery and how they are altering the content delivery landscape.
  • Understand how shifts in consumer behavior and expectations are driving the content delivery market.

Although DRM technology has seen huge adoption in the video, gaming, and eBooks segments, it is losing ground in the music industry. Video game publishers are increasingly investing in DRM controls to prevent content piracy, and to restrict users from sharing games or moving to digital distribution channels.

The growing market for Video on Demand (VoD) services, which entails streaming on an interactive basis, is resulting in greater investments in content delivery platforms. Content owners are exploring newer avenues for monetization of video content including subscription, advertisements, online rental, and pay per video.

With the advent of streaming and on-demand music services, users can choose not to store and carry their music, and can access music like a service as and when required. Cloud based gaming is gaining traction in the casual games segment, with serious gamers still preferring to own games in physical formats.

Your key questions answered
  • What are the current content delivery methods used by media and entertainment companies, and what is driving market growth?
  • What challenges are faced by media and entertainment companies in content delivery, and what steps can be taken to overcome these challenges?
  • Which are the emerging technologies and platforms in content delivery? How does the content delivery market differ according to geography?
  • How are companies innovating in their content delivery models and what benefits are they reaping?
  • Which are the leading vendors in the content delivery market? Which are the most important emerging technologies and platforms?

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