South Africa Segment Report: Wealthy (LSM 10)

Analytix Business Intelligence
February 16, 2012
83 Pages - SKU: ANYX6820806
Countries covered: South Africa

This report examines the LSM 10 (affluent) segment of the South African – LSM (the Living Standards Measure) has become the most widely used marketing research tool in South Africa. It is a measure of affluence and divides the population into 10 groups, 10 (highest) to 1 (lowest).

The consumer analysis is mostly based on an annual consumer survey among a nationally representative sample of 25,000 people - All Media and Products Survey conducted by the South African Advertising Research Foundation.  

Some of the key questions the report will help you to answer are:  
  • Who are LSM 10? e.g. age, gender, affluence, life-stage, geographics
  • How do you engage with them? e.g. lifestyle, cellphone, Internet, sports, music interests
  • What media do you use to communicate to them? e.g. Online media, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines
  • What are the important consumer trends that should be included in your business strategy?
It provides a comprehensive profile of the entire LSM 10 segment, as well as a detailed segmentation according to gender and age (15-24, 25-34, 35-49, 50+) making it the perfect reference report for anyone who wants to understand this segment of the market.

Why purchase this market research report?  
  • The report focuses on consumer-based intelligence – the most valuable brand asset
  • Provides a comprehensive analysis of the “big picture” with consumer/market trends
  • 83 page report with 100+ charts, graphs, tables
  • Salient points and key insights are highlighted and summarised in comment boxes on each page



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