Wood and Laminate Floorcoverings Market Report - UK 2011-2015 Analysis

AMA Research
October 26, 2011
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Countries covered: United Kingdom

AMA Research has published the 1st Edition of a brand new report, “Data Centre Construction Market - UK 2011-2015”, which attempts to quantify the construction market for data centres and provide a comprehensive review of the structure and performance of the market in 2011 and beyond.

Key issues analysed include:

Market Structure
Data Centre Operators
Modular Construction
Legislation & Regulations
Energy Efficiency Requirements
Government Investment and Strategy
The Server Market
Impact of Cloud Computing and
Virtualisation technology
Key Product Sectors
This unique report answers the need for both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data centre construction sector and represents an invaluable guide to the overall market for sales and marketing professionals involved in the construction, electrical or IT contracting industries. Focusing on market size and trends, important market influences, key end use sectors and future prospects, the report is comprehensive, informative and will facilitate operational and strategic decision-making processes.
Growth in the market for data centre construction had been strong in the years leading up to 2008, though was negatively affected by the global economic crisis during 2008 and 2009, but saw an upturn in 2010 due to a release of pent up demand, with estimates for 2011 for slightly lower growth.
Key drivers for growth include growing online activity, the growth in cloud based services, an increasing focus on whole life cost and energy efficiency, the development of modular solutions and an increase in outsourcing among smaller businesses. Factors likely to restrict growth in the medium term include a lack of suitable sites, difficulties in obtaining planning and finance for data centre projects, the implementation of virtualisation technology and a trend towards consolidation.
The current outlook for the market over the medium term is positive, with the shortage of modern and efficient data centre space experienced at present expected to drive both newbuild and replacement activity for the foreseeable future.

Areas of particular interest include:

Government strategy and the impact of the government’s planned consolidation.
Analysis of the key client sectors.
Key legislation and regulations affecting the market.
Review of the commercial sector incorporating co-location and wholesale providers.
Review of modular solutions available.

Key areas covered in the report include:


The UK ICT Infrastructure Market - overview, structure, key metrics.
Data Centre Market Structure - key delivery channels, customer groups and operators, review of co-location and wholesale providers, UK data centre estate ownership shares.
Data Centre Classification - the Tier Structure and data centre types.


Definition and Market Overview - existing stock levels, the state of the market.
Market Performance - market size in value terms, growth levels 2005-2011.
Key trends - growth in online activity, consolidation, energy efficiency, outsourcing.
Future Prospects - market size and growth projections to 2015.
Market Mix - share of newbuild, upgrade/replacement and repair/maintenance.
Project Characteristics - typical size, build time, build cost, design considerations.


Review of past, current and future internet usage levels and trends.
Information about legislation and standards affecting the market.
Analysis of IT and construction related government spending and strategy.
Review of the importance of innovation and Modern Methods of Construction.
Outline of carbon reduction and green energy requirements.
Review of the recent performance of the UK server market.
Analysis of the impact of IT outsourcing, and growth in cloud computing and virtualisation.


Estimated output by value, with historical trends and forecasts, in each main sector.
Market mix by end-use sector.
Key market drivers, influences and future prospects in each main market.
Project types, existing stock and key construction clients in each sector.
Commercial Operators - wholesale, co-location and managed services providers.
Public Sector Market - government IT spend by function and by department.
Private Sector Market - key sub-sectors, influences in each, key clients.


Consultants - procurement process, the role of consultants, key consultants.
Contractors - types of contractors, leading companies, specialists, modular manufacturers.
Key Product Sectors - Value of products in data centres, product mix, value by sector.
Products in Data Centres - review of each major product sector, including value and key suppliers. Includes power and electrical equipment, cooling and air conditioning, networking equipment, security, access control and fire protection.

Additional Information

The wood floorcoverings sector has been negatively affected by the recession with a decline in non-essential consumer spending and a significant downturn in the housing market key factors in an estimated 19% decline in market value 2008-10. In 2010, the wood flooring sector (solid wood, engineered wood and laminates), was estimated to account for around 16% value share of the total UK floorcoverings sector, which is estimated to be worth some £1.8bn. The contract woods sector has also experienced more difficult conditions in 2010 and into H1 2011 as key end-use sectors experienced significant downturn in new build output as well as refurbishment levels.

The market has been particularly affected by the downturn in the housing market with installations into new build impacted by declining completion numbers, but with woods also facing increasing competition from alternative floorcoverings such as porcelain and natural stone floor tiles.

Although the recession has had a negative impact on laminate sales, this sector was already experiencing a downward trend prior to 2008. Indications are that the peak for laminate sales occurred in 2004 with the sector experiencing an estimated 14% value decline 2005-08. The experience of the laminates sector over the last 2 years has been for 21% decline in value 2008-10, with the lower market sectors particularly affected by the downturn in domestic DIY installations

Contrasting with the experience of laminates, solid & engineered woods experienced growth of an estimated 22% 2005-08, but has subsequently declined by around 13% to 2010 with value of around £103m. Solid and engineered woods have experienced a measure of interest in the middle and upper market sectors stimulated by the “improve not move” trend.

Imports continue to dominate the market given the leading positions of some international floorcovering groups in the UK market.

The market for wood flooring into H2 2011 is currently described as difficult with sources indicting that trading has been volatile throughout the year. The recovery of the housing market remains key to the revival of the wood floorcoverings market.

The contract sector is likely to recover at a slower rate than the domestic market indicating potential for some reversal of the trend towards contract installations in the end-use application mix for wood floorcoverings in recent years. Traditionally, the contract floorcoverings market has been considerably less volatile than the domestic sector, but future growth for contract woods is largely dependent on recovery in key commercial sectors.

Decline in laminate volumes is likely to continue with the market having peaked in 2004. However, the trend in the market in recent years towards more middle and upper market laminates, could help to partly offset the impact on value decline.

The prospects for solid and engineered woods appear to be more positive than for laminates, with annual growth rates of 3-5% currently forecast to 2015 when market value is expected to reach £116m.

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